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University of Suffolk Directors

Mark Pendlington (Chair)
Independent Director

Professor Helen Langton
Vice-Chancellor, University of Suffolk

Chris Bally
Independent Director 
Chief Executive, East Suffolk Council

Dr Jennifer Barnes (Deputy Chair)
Independent Director

Steve Clarke
Independent Director

Professor Mohammad Dastbaz
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Suffolk

Dr Pauline Essah
Independent Director

Alex Gooch
Student Representative
University of Suffolk Students' Union President

Dr Sara Hurley
Independent Director

Judith Krone
Independent Director

Jennifer Leeder
Independent Director

Sean Preston
Staff (Senate) Nominee 

The Rt Revd Martin Seeley
Independent Director
Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich

Andrew Smith (Senior Independent Director)
Independent Director

Paul Winter MBE (Chair of Audit and Risk Committee)
Independent Director

Tim Greenacre (Board Secretary)
Chief Operating Officer, University of Suffolk

Register of Interests - Board of Directors, External Audit and Risk Committee Members and the Executive Team

Relevant Documents

Articles of Association
Code of Conduct for Directors
Statement of Primary Responsibilities
Board Terms of Reference

Sub-Committee Terms of References

Audit and Risk 

Reports of the Remuneration Committee

Statement of Remuneration 2021 -22

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