Student Recruitment, Schools Liaison and Access Teams

The Student Recruitment, Schools Liaison and Access Teams organise a range of events and activities to help prospective students find out about the range of options in Higher Education and at the University of Suffolk specifically.

We are committed to providing high-quality information, advice and guidance for prospective students, their parents/carers and advisors. We are happy to visit your school or college to deliver sessions to students or, alternatively, deliver sessions virtually. Additionally, we organise on-campus activities, attend community events, parents' evenings and education fairs.

The Teams also work hard to promote widening participation in Higher Education. The University of Suffolk is committed to continuing to raise awareness, aspirations and attainment of young people in Years 7-13 from under-represented groups in Higher Education. Our outreach activities focus on young people from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds, looked after children, students from military families, mature students and people with disabilities.

Experience University

Unlock is an interactive group activity designed for Year 12 and 13 students to give them more information about preparing for university and life as a student. Or, access our brand new, university-style, Lesson in a Box activity.

Unlock Lesson in a box
Two students sitting in a lecture