Lesson in a Box

Welcome to the University of Suffolk’s Lesson in a Box booking page. Our Lesson in a Box are aimed at Year 12 students and the boxes are designed to be used during school time to introduce different courses on offer at the University of Suffolk.

The boxes are designed to be used with groups of up to 20 students. Each box will contain easy-to-follow lesson plans, replenishable materials for activities, digital footage to guide the teacher/course leader through the session and student feedback forms. We are very excited to give students a real insight into studying a range of degree subjects to build their confidence and interest in higher education.

How our Lesson in a Box is used

Students on bean bags in the Ideas Room

Our Courses

Picture of an architecture model by a universtiy student.
BA Architecture

This session is jam packed with hands-on activity, as Dr Marco Spada takes you through the hidden materials of architecture.

Wellington boots
BA Childhood

Explore the topic of diversity and inclusion with Senior Lecturer Dr Ivana Lessner Listiakova FHEA.

Pens and pencils in a pot
Childhood and Education

Dr Marianna Stella will explain how young children learn through the exploration of objects in this interactive session using play dough.

X-ray of shoulder joint
BSc Diagnostic Radiography

In this hands-on session, Dr Holly Hadwen will demostrate bone breakages using a variety of everyday objects!

A student standing and painting
BA Fine Art

In this interactive session, Dr Susan Barnet will take you through a step-by-step process of drawing hands.

Bridge spring suspension
BA Social Work

In this session, you will learn all about 'Professional Curiosity' and 'Professional Dangerousness'.

A group of students sitting and talking in The Atrium foyer
BSc Sociology

Dr David James poses a series of thought-provoking questions about societal happiness in this session.

Circle of books
BA English

Senior Lecturer, Darragh Martin, takes students through an exciting session on how to create tension and pace in fictional writing.

Fingerprint on transparent surface
BSc Criminology

Lecturer, Laura Polley, will explore the nature of crime in an eye opening and interactive session.

Boxes and the digital footage are now available and can be booked by completing the booking form. Digital content can be viewed once you have completed the booking form. If you would like to book more than one subject box at a time please indicate by simply using the tick boxes.

For enquiries, please contact: schools@uos.ac.uk