Meet the Student Recruitment Team

The Student Recruitment Team work with schools and colleges across the UK.

We host a number of taster days and talks at the University of Suffolk throughout the academic year and attend large scale events around the country. Our aim is to provide potential students with enough information about studying at the University of Suffolk, the courses on offer and campus lifestyle, in order to allow them to make an informed decision about their future.

Student Recruitment Team

Karen Hinton

Karen is Associate Director for Marketing, leading on student recruitment strategies and marketing campaigns to grow the University's student population.

Karen Hinton staff profile photo

Rosanna Douglas-Head

Rosanna is Student Recruitment Manager, who focuses on maximising recruitment and conversion, as well as fostering relationships with schools and colleges.

Rosanna Douglas-Head staff profile photo

Kayleigh Drake

Kayleigh sits in the student recruitment team, representing the University of Suffolk at events while developing relationships UK-wide with schools and colleges

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Sophie Carter

Student recruitment officer Sophie manages accounts for schools and colleges in Essex, East London and North Kent, and also represents the university at events.

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Freya Gillott

Freya's role as Student Recruitment Officer includes working with schools across East Suffolk and Norfolk and runs workshops helping students learn about HE.

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Charlotte Gerard

Student recruitment officer Charlotte manages accounts with schools in Essex, North Kent and East London, previously working in HE in a study abroad team.

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Solomon Holmes

University of Suffolk graduate Solomon Holmes works in student recruitment, which includes delivering workshops for prospective students about HE opportunities.

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Ruby Balaam

As a regional student recruitment officer, Ruby creates and fosters relationships with school and colleges in the region to promote the university.

Leanne Punchard

Leanne is a Student Recruitment Officer. Prior to this, she spent 11 years as a secondary school Drama and English teacher.