Research at University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk is very proud to be home to a vibrant and dynamic research community with a range of specialist academic expertise. Our current research priorities focus on our areas of distinctiveness:
  • Health and Welling
  • Sustainability
  • Digital Futures
  • Crime and Social Justice
  • History and Heritage
  • Excellence in Education  
In a rapidly changing and increasingly globalised world, our research is agile, responsive, collaborative, and grounded in robust scientific and ethical approaches. Supported by our Research Institutes and Centres, research at the University of Suffolk:
  • significantly contributes to scientific, medical and technological innovation and solutions;
  • evidences and informs key policy debates and developments; and
  • actively challenges social injustice and inequality.
As a student-centred university, all our undergraduate and postgraduate courses are underpinned by high-quality applied, professional, and practice-led research. We have a thriving multi-disciplinary post-graduate school, which works collaboratively with our four academic schools and offers a range of new opportunities for PhD study supported by senior academics.
The University of Suffolk’s vision is to be a strong community impact university. We are very proud that our research is having significant impact on the economic, cultural and educational lives of the communities we serve regionally, nationally and internationally.

Research Institutes

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Our various research institutes and centres at University of Suffolk

PhD Study and the Graduate School


Working closely with academics in one of our research areas you will have an excellent experience here in Ipswich as a PhD student and make a valued contribution.

Research Governance


The University of Suffolk is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and excellence in research. 

Research Events and Opportunities

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Providing access and links to our news stories and forthcoming events.

Research showcase

Research Methods

A selection of our current research projects.

Our People

Professor Emma Bond is Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Professor of Socio-Technical Research of Suffolk at the University.  As Pro Vice-Chancellor Research, Emma is a key member of our University’s Executive and Senior Leadership Team and has a significant role in driving the re...

Andreea has worked for the University of Suffolk since September 2010 as a Research Associate. She became a Senior Research Associate in 2013. Since August 2014, Andreea has acted as the University of Suffolk Research Development Manager. She has a Master degree in Quantitative Ec...

Sue supports the Research Directorate team at the University of Suffolk working with Andreea Tocca, Head of Research Development and Professor Emma Bond, Pro Vice-Chancellor Research. Sue is also the Committee Secretary for University Research Ethics Committee, Research Management ...

Katie joined the University of Suffolk in 2017 after graduating with a MSc in Mental Health Research with distinction from the University of Nottingham. Katie is a founding member of the Institute of Social Justice and Crime (ISJ&C). Since joining the University of Suffolk, ...

Sarah is the Associate Dean for Research in the School of Social Science and Humanities. She is an Associate Professor of social policy specialising in childhood. She has over twenty years of teaching experience in higher education and international schools. At the University of Suf...

Suzanne holds a PhD in Art History and Theory and is responsible for the BA (Hons) Business Management degree at the Suffolk Business School. She has a wide variety of research interests, particularly in the intersection of dress and clothing, identity and authenticity, and ideas ar...

Professor Nic Bury's research interests are primarily covered by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 14 and 15 and includes aquatic toxicology, stress physiology and environmental monitoring. He supports the 3Rs (refinement, reduction and replacement) approach in animal resea...

Dr Gavin Devereux is an Associate Dean of the School of Health and Sports Sciences, with responsibility for research.  Gavin is also Head of Sport and Performance, which includes degrees in the subject areas of sport and exercise sciences, physiotherapy, public health, and dance. ...