Andreea Tocca

Head of Research Development

+44 (0)1473 338656
Research Directorate
Andreea Tocca staff profile photo

Andreea has worked for the University of Suffolk since September 2010. She has a master's degree in quantitative economy (MSc), a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and an MPhil in Health and Social Care. She is an Academic with 25 years of experience in higher education and practical practice in the healthcare sector. 

Andreea plays a key role in the strategic development of a robust research culture across the Research Institutes and Schools. In conjunction with the PVC Research, Andreea supports the University’s external research income portfolio development, in line with University' s research strategy. 

Andreea is responsible for delivering on the following Concordats and ensuring compliance:

  • HR Excellence in Research Award 
  • Concordat for Research Integrity 
  • Concordat for Engaging the public with research 

Andreea is also responsible for:

  • Support for funding applications for academic staff; working with key partners in the private and public sectors
  • Pre-Award services 
  • Researcher Development Training
  • Research Mentoring
  • Research Governance