Creative Writing, English and Linguistics

Our current supervisors

Dr Jenny Amos

Dr Jenny Amos is a socio-phonologist who specialises in modelling dialect variation, lecturing in Linguistics at the University of Suffolk.

Jenny Amos staff profile photo

Dr Amanda Hodgkinson

Amanda is an award-winning internationally published novelist, journalist and writer.

Amanda Hodgkinson staff profile photo

Dr Darragh Martin

Darragh is Course Leader, BA (Hons) English and writes novels, plays, and stories for children.

Darragh Martin staff profile photo

Dr Lindsey Scott

Lindsey is Course Leader for MA Creative and Critical Writing and award-winning lecturer specialising in children’s literature and adaptation.

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Dr Andrea Smith

Andrea is Lecturer in English and Creative Writing. Her career prior to joining the University included working for two Suffolk newspapers and the BBC.

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