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Associate Professor English and Creative Writing, Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange (School of Social Sciences and Humanities)

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Dr Amanda Hodgkinson SFHEA is an award-winning internationally published novelist, journalist and writer. Her writing research focuses on the representation of family relationships and narrative identity with a focus on historical fiction and the importance of place, and the role of memory in writing fiction and poetry. 

Amanda teaches Creative Writing Workshops, Modernism, Autobiography and Life Writing, Narrative Theory, Historical Fiction, The Writer in Residence and the Dissertation Programme for the MA. She supervises Creative Writing PhDs, and English Literature dissertations for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate. Her pedagogical research interests in teaching are in entrepreneurial education and student-centred experiential learning.


Selected publications (see ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6166-0975 for full listing)

Research interests include historical fiction, the novel, literary fiction, storytelling, the short story and the role of memory, history, affective landscape and a sense of place and time in narrative. Amanda is passionate about working with writers, helping them to realise their creative projects.

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Writing and journalism:

Radio, UK journals, magazines and newspapers. Short stories and poetry in anthologies, literary magazines and journals including, ‘Women’s Weekly Summer Short Story Editions,’ The Mail on Sunday. The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Observer, The Times, Channel Four’s A Place in the Sun, The Lady, France Magazine, La Dépêche du Midi.

Conference Papers:
  • Architectures of Cleaning (October 2023) AHRA Ecologies of Care Conference Portsmouth University
  • Springcleaning: Poetry as Architecture (June 2022) Symposium for the London Festival of Architecture: The Royal Academy of Arts. London.
  • The House of Seasonal Cleaning (November 2022) Connective Practices Symposium Fontys University School of the Arts, Tilburg, The Netherlands. 
  • The Dance of Critical Thinking and Creative Writing (March 2021) National Association of Writers in Education.

  • Exhibitions:
  • Springcleaning: a site-responsive installation of poetry and audio art. (April 2022)  Bodfa Continuum: Anglesey, Wales. 
  • ‘Ouvrage d’Arles’, France, 1st July – 15th August 2017

I regularly give talks on writing in the UK and in Europe. I offer writing workshops, mentoring, and promote literature, reading and creative writing through our writing community at University of Suffolk and in the wider community. I make worthwhile and meaningful connections between the craft of writing and the importance of storytelling skills in business and for personal well-being. I judge literary competitions and develop creative writing projects for exhibitions and publishing.

Senior Fellow HEA

National Association of Writers in Education

Society of Authors

QAA Membership Advisory Body.

European Association of Creative Writing Programmes

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