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Lecturer in Linguistics

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Dr Jenny Amos is a socio-phonologist who specialises in modelling dialect variation and change within phonological theory. Jenny’s dialect area of interest primarily includes varieties of South East England, but she is also interested in other varieties of the UK and International Englishes. As a phonologist, Jenny enjoys puzzling over data and looking to find trends and patterns within and between varieties of spoken language. Her current research interests and projects involve experimental and applied phonology, emoji construction and development, and inclusivity in orthographic diversity.

PhD Linguistics (University of Essex)

MA (Hons) Sociolinguistics (University of Essex)

BA (Hon) English Language and Linguistics (University of Essex)

Dr Amos has a wide range of Teaching and Learning experience including, but not limited to:

- Theoretical and Laboratory phonology

- Language Variation and Change

- The interaction of Dialects in Literature and Film

- Conversational Structure

- Language Acquisition and Development

- Language Disorders

- Education and Pedagogical practice and research


Selected publications (see ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0730-9740 for full listing)

Amos, J. (2010) A Sociophonological Analysis of Mersea Island English: An investigation of the diphthongs (au), (ai) and (oi). Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Essex (UK). Available at: https://roa.rutgers.edu/content/article/files/1208_amos_1.pdf

Amos,J., Kasstan, J,. (fc) Semantic effects constrain [mi] variant selection in Mersea English (Submitted and under review)

Amos,J., Kasstan, J,. and Johnson, W. (2020) Reconsidering (t, d)-deletion as a single variable in English; English Today 36:6-13

Amos, J. and Jansen, S. (eds) Language in the South of England: Special edition of English Today; English today (36)

Amos, J. (2013) Life on the Edge: A sociophonological analysis of diphthong variation and change; Essex Research Reports 62:2, Department of Language and Linguistics, University of Essex (UK)

Jansen, S. and Amos, J. (2020) English in the South of England – an introduction; Special Edition of English Today (36)


Academic Papers and Conferences


- New Ways of Analysing Variation conference (Online – University of Texas) Presenter: Weighing formal and variationist accounts of variable possessive construction in British English


- Linguistics Association of Great Britain conference (Online) Presenter: Weighing accounts of variable possessive construction in British English: A view from Mersea Island


- I was on the scientific committee for the United Kingdom Language Variation and Change conference held at Queen Mary University of London


- Linguistics Association of Great Britain conference (University of Sheffield) Presenter: Reconsidering (t,d)-deletion as a single variable in English


- Language Variation and Change in the South (University of Suffolk) Organiser

- Language Variation and Change in the South (University of Suffolk) Presenter Joined up thinking: A new approach to t/d Deletion

- UK Language Variation and Change conference (Cardiff University) Presenter: New Perspectives on t/d Deletion


- Sociolinguistics Symposium 21 (Universidad de Murcia) Presenter: The Raising and Lowering of High Tides: An investigation of /ai/ and /au/ diphthong variation in Mersea Island English


- Variation, change and spoken corpora: advances in the phonology and phonetics of contemporary English (University of Montpellier) Co-Presented with Dr Wyn Johnson: Joined Up Thinking About T/D Deletion in English

- London Phonology Society meeting at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS),

- London. Presenter: Sociophonology: Investigating not just ‘What?’ but ‘Why?’

Meetings Secretary for the Linguistics Association of Great Britain (LABG) since 2021

Associate of the Higher Education Academy since 2009