Re-approval of existing courses

The primary reference for teams preparing for course re-approval is the University’s procedure for the re-approval of existing courses. The guidance below is designed to complement the procedure, summarising the process and providing accompanying forms and document templates.

Quality Assurance

The Quality team are responsible for developing, managing and supporting policies and procedures for maintaining the quality and academic standards of academic provision across the University of Suffolk and its partner institutions.

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The process culminates in a re-approval event, where the course is subject to detailed scrutiny by an acknowledged group of experienced peers including internal and external academics, employer representatives and a student representative. During the event, the re-approval panel meets with students currently enrolled on the course (and possibly recent graduates) and with the course team (including further employer representatives where appropriate). A tour of facilities and resources may also be provided. At the end of the re-approval event, the panel makes a decision on whether the course has been re-approved for continuing delivery. Approval may be conditional upon certain points being satisfactorily addressed, either before the start of the next academic year or by a subsequent agreed deadline.

A report on the re-approval event is submitted to the Quality Committee for information. The Quality Committee reports to Senate on all courses that have been successfully re-approved, including confirmation of the agreed period of continuing validation (which is normally five years).