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Conference Topics

Topics covered by this call include but are not limited to:

  • Children ‘in’ or ‘of’ war

  • Global and Peripheral Childhoods

  • (Dis)abling Childhoods

  • Migration and Mobilities

  • Identity, Belonging and ‘Otherness’

  • Contemporary Families

  • Children’s Relationships and friendships

  • Children’s Rights, Voice and Participation

  • Politics of Childhoods and Children’s Political Lives

  • Transformative and Sustainable Education

  • Social and Culturally-sustaining Pedagogy

  • Policy, Intervention and Evaluation

  • Children’s Digital Lives and Images of Childhood

  • Health, Wellbeing, and Embodiment

  • Sex and Sexualities

  • Costs of Childhood

  • Children’s Geographies and Climate Change

  • Researching Children’s Lives

Please note the length of oral presentations is 20 minutes, and 60 minutes for panels (15-20 minutes per presenter) and workshops.

Keynote Speakers

Spyros Spyrou

Children as future-makers in a pluriversal world: From defuturing to other possible worlds and ways of being.

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Karen Wells

Optimism of the will: children and future-making.

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Children and Childhoods Conference Team

Dr Pallawi Sinha

Pallawi is Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies and is passionate about building dialogue and understanding on education and childhoods.

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Dr Marianna Stella

Marianna is a Senior Lecturer in Childhood and Education.

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Dr Xiaorong Gu

Xiaorong is a Lecturer in Childhood Studies at the University of Suffolk.

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Carolyn Leader

Carolyn is a lecturer in Early Childhood Studies.

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Maureen Haaker

Maureen's research centres on constructions of the body, reproductive politics, and subjectivity.

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Travel and Accommodation

The University of Suffolk is based on the beautiful waterfront in Ipswich, the county town of Suffolk, within close proximity to London and a number of international airports.

Travel and accommodation information
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