Screenwriting Student Stories

Maisie Wright, BA (Hons) Screenwriting Graduate

"I chose the BA (Hons) Screenwriting course because I wanted to further my skills in screenwriting and study the world of film more in depth. I studied film in college and did aspects of script writing but choosing this course at university allowed me to explore and learn new, exciting thingsI was thrilled that Suffolk offered this course, as I struggled to find many creative writing courses. Also, that I could study both screenwriting and film studies in one course was a huge bonus.  

I enjoyed learning the theoretical side to scriptwriting and different techniques. During the three-year course we were able to explore different genres which helped to further my skills and portfolio of work. Not only did we explore a wide range of genres, but learning how to construct characters, themes and storylines was incredibly interesting.  

The most important thing I learned was how to construct a script correctly and format a full 90-120-page script. I also enjoyed learning to develop characters from scratch as they felt unique and our own creations.  Over the whole three years the teaching was fantastic. Our lecturers were always on hand to help and a great inspiration to all students."

Daniel Fekete, BA (Hons) Screenwriting Graduate

"All my life I wanted to tell stories. Especially through film and TV. Therefore, when the time came to pick what course I would study at university, this seemed like the perfect choice for getting closer to that goal. 

The best thing about this course is probably the fact that a lot of it is dedicated to writing, as well as giving and receiving feedback. The writing part is a bit obvious, but receiving feedback from classmates and teachers, analyzing it, and implementing it in one’s work is vitally important too. Giving feedback then not only helps the receiving screenwriter, but it also helps the one who gives it, as one’s understanding of dramaturgical principles deepens. I also appreciated some of the more theoretical topics we learned during the course, whether it was film history, genres, adaptation theory, or other film theories. 

Screenwriting course at the University of Suffolk has a high quality of teaching. Both of the main screenwriting teachers, Alex Leaney and Daniel Hayes, are professionals in the field. They are great and very enthusiastic about what they teach. They were extremely supportive and always willing to accommodate my needs as a foreign student. 

I chose the University of Suffolk specifically because of this screenwriting course. While some other UK courses would have accepted me just based on my grades and not much else, BA (Hons) Screenwriting at the University of Suffolk wanted a portfolio of my work, as well as an interview before accepting me. That is how I knew that I was actually going to learn something here. That studying screenwriting at the University of Suffolk is going to make me better at what I want to do with my life. And I was right."

Emily Burnman, BA (Hons) Screenwriting Graduate

"I was always interested in Film Studies but had never explored Screenwriting. After researching it, I knew it was something I wanted to try. I found a few courses around the UK that were film based, but I wanted to focus particularly on Screenwriting. Plus, the modules on the course seemed like something Id be interested in! 

During the course, I enjoyed working with my peers, particularly feedback sessions where we would help each other with our projects. I loved reading others work and it was even better that we all had different skills in genre and voice etc Plus, these feedback sessions were essential in development, I dont think my projects would have excelled without these. Writing For TV in second year really helped me understand my skillset and I noticed I was best at writing sitcom/comedy. I also noticed that my peers began finding their voices too! 

The quality of the teaching was 10/10. All of my tutors across the course couldnt have been more helpful. Their feedback was always thorough and encouraging and it helped me feel motivated to continue writing."

Hebe Dobson-Mouawad, BA (Hons) Screenwriting Graduate

"I chose to study Screenwriting as I’ve always had a passion for both writing and film. This course provided me with a creative outlet to express myself. What most attracted me to the course was the wide variety of subjects covered. I’ve learnt how to write for film, TV and radio. The module ‘Writing for TV’ gave me confidence in my sitcom writing ability. It was hard work, but the encouragement of my tutor, Daniel Hayes, gave me the motivation to push myself creatively. Learning the fundamentals of screenwriting has been hugely beneficial to me. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to gain work as a script reader. 

The support of my tutors was invaluable to me throughout my studies. I really appreciated the teaching staff getting to know me as an individual and always being there for me when I was struggling with something.  

During my time at the University of Suffolk, I’ve worked as a student ambassador. Being a student ambassador allowed me to work flexibly around my studies and share my experience of university with prospective students."

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