About the Centre for Culture and Heritage

According to the UNESCO definition of Cultural Heritage, it is includes artefacts, monuments, buildings and sites, museums that have a diversity of values including symbolic, historic, artistic, aesthetic, ethnological or anthropological, scientific and social significance. It includes tangible heritage (movable, immobile and underwater), intangible cultural heritage (ICH) embedded into cultural, and natural heritage artefacts, sites or monuments.  

This cultural heritage arrives as such through its human connections and activities: Culture is a dynamic and living word. Culture embraces the complex ways in which we understand  our modes of living 

Culture is alive in our festivals, celebrations, collective memory, personal and community identities. Culture carries through generations, in times of stasis and in times of change,  and includes social customs, diverse practices, the importance of place, of objects, artistic expressions and our values and ways of being together.  

Research in Culture and Heritage is by its nature, interdisciplinary and co-creative. Across the arts and humanities, we study histories and times, places, acts of making, individuals, universalities and communities. Our aim is to co-create and grow new forms of practice, understanding and communications that enhance life, value what we have and shape new, better ways of being.    

Cultural Heritage is embedded in all human activities. Through events, activities, places and people, research and methodologies, we can produce tangible representations of our value systems, beliefs, traditions and lifestyles, in sustainable ways which better our lives and the lives of the future.  

Advisory Board Membership to follow

Operational Executive

Professor Brian McCook

Brian is Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

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Dr Amanda Hodgkinson

Amanda is an award-winning internationally published novelist, journalist and writer.

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Dr Michael Sauter

Michael is Associate Professor of History and an historian of early modern Europe, with specialisations in intellectual history and the history of science.

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Dr Andrea Smith

Andrea is Lecturer in English and Creative Writing. Her career prior to joining the University included working for two Suffolk newspapers and the BBC.

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