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We are working in close collaboration with BT to develop a £9.6 million research and engineering facility at BT’s Adastral Park, which you will be able to benefit from as a student within our School of Engineering, Arts, Science and Technology.

Adastral Park is BT’s global Research and Development centre and has played a pivotal role in telecommunications research, such as the commercialisation of single-mode optical fibre, and the recent development of the world’s first quantum networks.

The DigiTech Centre will provide cutting-edge digital skills for people looking to pursue careers in information and communications technology, and has received the blessing of Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne. Specialist high tech laboratories will form the heart of the new centre, and will be used jointly by University staff, students and businesses at Adastral Park and across the region.

The DigiTech Centre will lead to a unique partnership uniting our young, and modern University with a world leading telecommunications company in BT. In a rapidly developing technological age, we want the DigiTech Centre to be a state of the art ‘solution centre’ for SMEs and other businesses as well as research and knowledge transfer hub. The Centre will have world-class co-working specialist laboratories and will make Suffolk a recognised destination for industry-focused ICT and Digital Creative study programmes and an internationally recognised destination for continuous professional development in digital technologies.

This new initiative will play such an important role in UK IT and technology and we are so pleased that students at the University will benefit from the partnership with BT and state-of-the-art facilities.

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