Graduation 2014

Our University

We are strongly embedded in our local region, and our unique and integrated partnership with four colleges is central to our identity. Our national and international impact through research and innovation brings recognition and opportunity to the region.

The student experience is at the heart of what we do; the strong partnership between students and staff at the University is central to our ambitions. Our students experience the highest quality in teaching, learning and social environments. Scholarship and high impact research is pervasive within the institution, and we offer our students a transformational experience.  


The University of Suffolk is bound to act in accordance with its Articles of Association, which define the University's structure and the way in which the University is governed by the Board of Directors. See our policies and procedures

University of Suffolk Learning Network

The University of Suffolk Learning Network offers higher education for many young and mature students at our four partner colleges, located across Suffolk and Great Yarmouth. They also attract students from further afield who are interested in a particular course offered or the distinctive environments in which our partner colleges are located.

Faculties and Departments

The University is based around two academic Faculties, working alongside Professional Services Departments and inclusively across the Learning Network.

Learning and Teaching

The University of Suffolk adopts a continuous, risk-based approach to monitoring the quality and academic standards of provision within the University.

Academic Quality and Standards

Summer School

For the University of Suffolk, maintaining and enhancing the quality of our provision is paramount.