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Alumni Mentoring Scheme

"Transforming Lives"


"The University is committed to ensuring that all of our students graduate equipped to take the first steps on long, successful and enriching careers, as enquiring professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs. This underpins our learning and teaching strategy “Transforming Lives” informing how we are moving to design our programmes, and encourage students to develop their confidence and skills through placements, internships and volunteering opportunities. It is also shapes some of the targets we have set in our Access and Participation Plan, looking to reduce inequalities in successful progression to future study or highly skilled employment between some of our students.

But we want to do more, to offer our students more. Helping our students to understand how to navigate uncertainty, and perceived barriers; helping our students understand their potential and how to achieve their goals is something that that we feel is best done by those who have lived those same experiences. Having access to successful role models and mentors is critical to this, and we think our alumni are best placed to undertake this role.

I hope you will consider joining our Alumni Mentoring Scheme, and help make our strategy to transform lives a truly lived experience." 

Dr Ellen Buck, Director of Learning and Teaching


Mentoring is a unique relationship between a mentor and a mentee.  It is a great way for current students to link with alumni who have volunteered to act as mentors in order to gain valuable insight, experience and skills over a specific period of time.  At University of Suffolk we want to give as much support as possible to our students to enhance their employability skills and ensure they are ready for the world of work.


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