University Collaborates with Green Hydrogen Storage Firm for Research Work

24 May 2024
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Dr Jehan Kanga from Rux Energy and Professor Darryl Newport seated at a table shaking hands. In front of them on the table is the memorandum of understanding they have signed, and the Suffolk Sustainability Institute banner behind
Dr Jehan Kanga and Professor Darryl Newport

The University of Suffolk and Rux Energy UK Ltd have agreed a pioneering collaboration to support development of future sustainable energy.

The two organisations signed a memorandum of understanding at the University’s Ipswich campus last week, committing the partners to a shared vision of developing hydrogen power production and storage. 

The alliance will develop cooperative activities aimed at co-developing economically viable energy projects with a decarbonisation ethos that could help redefine the landscape of energy production and storage. 

Leading the collaboration are Professor Darryl Newport, an authority in Energy and Sustainability at the University of Suffolk and Director of the Suffolk Sustainability Institute, and Dr Jehan Kanga, the founder and CEO of Rux Energy UK Ltd.

Professor Newport said: “We are eager to collaborate with Rux Energy UK in forging ahead with our joint projects, driven by our shared objectives.”

Dr Kanga added: “This new collaboration between Rux Energy UK and University of Suffolk is a major stepping stone toward building a circular future for advanced manufacturing and the wider hydrogen economy.”

In the agreement, the University of Suffolk and Rux Energy UK Ltd have pledged to leverage their collective expertise and resources towards pioneering innovations in hydrogen-based energy solutions, promoting a sustainable future.

The collaboration will add to Suffolk Sustainability Institute’s research activities in hydrogen energy production. The Institute is currently working with the Pure Pyrolysis Project funded by the Department for Energy, Security and Net Zero’s Hydrogen BECSS (Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage) programme.

The project, led by Environmental Power International Ltd, has developed a treatment process for waste and organic feedstocks to create high quality fuel gas and carbon rich char and further splits the fuel gas into pure carbon and Hydrogen.

Rux Energy UK Ltd works to accelerate decarbonisation efforts in some of the most challenging industries for carbon reduction, such as aerospace and heavy mobility, driving breakthroughs in clean hydrogen storage and implementation.

To find out more about the Suffolk Sustainability Institute visit the website here.

For more information on Rux Energy Ltd, visit the website here.

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