What We Do

We strive to provide free legal advice in areas of law where access to advice is limited, predominantly where legal aid is difficult to secure.

Family Law

We can help provide support and legal advice to individuals who might not know where to start with their family dispute.  We can provide assistance with the following areas:

  • Relationship Breakdown
    • This can include the division of assets, such as the matrimonial home and finances.
    • Divorce procedure
    • What the process of divorce is and other things you need to consider alongside such as finances and child arrangements.
  • Legal Aid
    • Childcare Arrangements
    • How to create an agreement or what to do if you are worried your current agreement is not working.
    • Child Arrangements orders including Specific Issue Order and Prohibited Steps Order.
  • Form Filling (C100)
    • This is so you can apply to the courts to make arrangements for children and to resolve any disputes about their upbringing.

Start-ups and New Businesses

We work alongside the already established Ipswich Innovation Labs at the University of Suffolk to help students who are considering setting up a business.  We can provide advice on the following areas:

  • Business Structure
    • What structure would be best suited for your proposed business.
  • Intellectual Property
    • How to protect your idea.
    • If you need to register a trademark e.g., the name of the company or the logo.
    • Terms and conditions
  • Practical Legal Guidance

Other Projects

Prison Project with HMP Hollesley Bay

  • The Legal Advice Centre is supporting Ormiston Families by providing legal advice to individuals at HMP Hollesley Bay, regarding family law matters. As part of this, we visited the prison in November 2022 and the students gave a presentation to some of the prisoners, which included information on Divorce, Child Arrangements and Child Maintenance. 

Suffolk Law Club 

  • The University of Suffolk Law Club provides sessions to post-16-year-old students in sixth forms and colleges, who are thinking about studying Law at undergraduate level. The sessions are run by Law Academics from the University of Suffolk and cover a range of areas, such as Criminal Law and Evidence and Police Powers.
  • The Legal Advice Centre presented a session on Interviewing and Advising to the Suffolk Law Club, in which students were able to observe a practice scenario client interview; complete an attendance note; have a go at asking questions to the ‘client’ and learn how to structure a letter of advice.
  • If you are studying Law at sixth form or college and would like to attend the next session, please register your interest.
Director of the Legal Advice Centre Eleanor Scarlett standing at a lecture stand speaking to an audience
Eleanor Scarlett, Director and Supervising Solicitor
Legal Advice Centre director Eleanor Scarlett and students outside of a van on a trip.
Legal Advice Team