Student Representation and Feedback

Student engagement in quality processes

Active student participation in quality processes is regarded as vital, reflecting learning as a partnership between staff and students. The University works closely with the Students’ Union to facilitate this, for example through:

  • the election of student representatives for each cohort of students on each course, providing a means through which the collective student voice can be represented at Course Committee meetings and more informally through conversations with the course leader
  • student representation on all key committees (usually sabbatical officers and/or student officers)
  • student participation in annual School / Partner College Risk-Based Monitoring and Enhancement (RiME) events
  • student membership of RiME risk alert panels
  • student membership of course validation and re-approval panels.

The Student Representation Code of Practice sets out the processes, support and responsibilities associated with enabling student representatives to fulfil their role effectively.

Gathering Student Feedback

The University of Suffolk actively seeks student feedback to inform quality monitoring and enhancement activities, for example through:

  • module questionnaires (issued to students each time a module is delivered)
  • the annual National Student Survey (NSS), and the parallel internal student survey for those students not invited to participate in the national survey
  • targeted surveys for particular aspects of provision (for example induction, library provision and student support)
  • meetings with student representatives as part of course validation and re-approval events
  • ongoing liaison with the Students’ Union regarding issues affecting students.


Quality Assurance

The Quality team are responsible for developing, managing and supporting policies and procedures for maintaining the quality and academic standards of academic provision across the University of Suffolk and its partner institutions.

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