Transferring Credits

If you have studied at higher education level before, or have completed other forms of learning that overlap with the content of your intended University of Suffolk course, we may be able to recognise and award credit for this. This is known as Recognition of Prior Learning (or RPL). 

We can recognise two types of prior learning:

  • Prior certificated learning (RPCL): learning through a higher education or training provider that has been formally assessed, recognised and/or certificated  
  • Prior experiential learning (RPEL): learning that has been achieved through experience and/or training that has not been formally assessed (for example through paid or unpaid work, self-directed learning or other life experiences).

For further information on RPL and how to apply for recognition, please see the University's Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy. 

If you are applying for a University of Suffolk course and wish to be considered for RPL, please submit an application as normal indicating on your application form that you wish to have prior learning recognised so that you can enter the course at a more advanced stage. Once the application is received,  if you are applying for recognition of prior certificated learning, additional information will be requested by the Admissions Team on your prior learning (for example certificates, transcripts showing your results and course information), to enable us to make a decision on whether the prior learning can be formally recognised. If you wish to apply for recognition of prior experiential learning, your Course Leader will support you in completing Part A of the RPEL application form and will advise you on gathering a portfolio of supporting evidence. 

If you would like further advice or guidance on applying for RPL, please contact the Admissions team in the first instance, you can find their details through the Get in Touch page.