Suffolk Executive MBA (SEMBA) Student Story

Jerusha David, Suffolk Executive MBA (SEMBA) Student

"It is easy to dream and make plans in life however when wanting to materialise it, not many are willing to make that sacrifice. Taking this step in my life was not the easiest. Sadly, not everything in life goes as planned. When situation and circumstances change, you are left with two obvious options - to make a difference or sit and hope for things to be different.

As a young student over 10 years back, I took many things in life for granted. I wasted time, money and opportunities that I never dreamt I would ever get back. University of Suffolk gave me a second chance to redeem myself when they offered me a place to do my MBA with them.

Right from the agent I met online in Malaysia to every other person affiliated with or who was from the University I directly dealt with, I experienced nothing less than the best in terms of administration, transitioning from one country to another. To the best of my knowledge, every other information received pertaining my queries was accurate and replies to my emails were prompt despite the time difference. What made a difference was the personal touch in every email received showing genuine concern and care which I have honestly never experienced before.

Being an independent international student can be challenging especially having to do almost everything on your own. What makes it even scarier is when you are literally going into a town or university blindfolded not knowing how well things are going to fall in place. Age, culture, interests, beliefs are probably one of the few things that made me wonder if I would ever blend in and make friends.

As much as I grumbled to get back on social media, I must admit one of the best things I ever did was to re-create a Facebook account about a month before I left Malaysia and joined the University of Suffolk - New Starters page. That helped me find one of my flatmate
that was going to be staying with me at Athena Hall who then greeted me with a really nice warm hug as soon as I checked into the accommodation.

With age comes experience and maturity. As I look back and reminisce being a student in the UK 10 years back, I am grateful I got a chance in life now to press the “reset” button. I may not be able to undo the things in the past but I can sure learn from it and make the best of my days to come here."

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