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Physical Assessment

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Level: Level 6
Duration: One semester, 200 study hours. Session times 9:00am to 4pm.
Location: Ipswich


The Government’s plan for modernisation (DOH 2000) recognises that a more efficient system of healthcare is needed if improvements in patient care are to be achieved. Demarcations in role are becoming less distinct as a faster, more efficient service is sought. Essential to these changes is the ability of healthcare practitioners, other than Doctor’s, to perform accurate physical assessment and examination allowing for speedier referral, diagnosis and treatment.

Models of patient assessment strategies based on robust clinical supervision and the achievement of competencies appropriate for the area of practice will be examined from a range of professional viewpoints. Students will be encouraged to look at their skills of patient assessment relative to their own clinical area.

The module will take a building block approach to allow students to debate, analyse and evaluate the theories underpinning the role of the Health Care Practitioner, particularly in relation to the physical assessment of the patient at what often is, the first point of contact.

This module can be taken as an optional module.

This module therefore, is aimed at senior Nurses, Paramedics, Radiographers and all professions allied to healthcare who are in a clinical position to initiate the physical assessment process.

There are no specific pre-requisites for this module although the opportunity to practice physical assessments during the module would be beneficial.


General Examination will include the following:

  • Cardiovascular

  • Respiratory

  • Alimentary/Abdominal

  • Locomotor system

  • Nervous system

Summative Assesment


A 2000 word critical analysis of an identified patient case study, which will include a detailed exploration of the student’s role in the physical assessment of the patient.

Examination and Logbook

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE’s) (equivalent to 1000 words).

A student logbook of physical assessments demonstrated in clinical practice (equivalent to 1000 words).

In order to achieve a PASS grade, students must obtain a pass in all three elements of the assessment.

Dates of attendance:


Please note it is your responsibility to check module dates prior to commencing your studies. The correct dates can be found by following the relevant module page.



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