Games Development Graduate Stories

Charlotte Spurgeon, University of Suffolk Graduate, now Associate Game Designer at d3t Ltd.

"Covid-19 presented challenges to students, but the University was always there to support us. My studies were enjoyable, they set me up perfectly for a career and I was lucky enough to get straight into the industry right after graduating. I specifically picked the University of Suffolk because the Games Design course was the most interesting and up-to-date, compared to other universities, especially with its inclusion of psychology. Whilst the psychology side to the course was essential for succeeding in the industry, it incredibly fun and engaging, learning how to use the software and the basics of coding made it easy to understand how games function. A lot of our modules were based in the computer labs which had a very nice atmosphere and had everything we needed. One thing that I enjoyed about the University of Suffolk was the diversity of societies and throughout my 3 years here I was part of the committee for the Games Society. I loved holding events for our members and making sure that everyone was included and having fun. The location is great as it is close to the town centre, amenities and along the beautiful marina. It seems that it is constantly growing so I can’t wait to see how much the campus changes. During my time at the University, I lived in Athena Hall. It was a great place to live, I felt very safe, and the staff were so lovely and supportive. In my first and second year, I worked part-time at a supermarket, only doing weekends. The workload made it possible to balance this with my studies and still have a social-life, but I left my job when it came round to my third year so I could fully focus on my education and ensure that I achieved my desired grades. As soon as I graduated, I was lucky enough to land my dream job with d3t as an associate game designer. They have all been so welcoming, so friendly and I feel right at home with these amazing, talented people. D3t is a co-development company so it was the number one place that I wanted to be a part of. The main reason being, the chance to work on a selection of well-known IPs but also because they have an enjoyable work environment. It's always great fun at d3t and I'm proud to say that I love my job and wouldn't change it for the world! I would definitely recommend studying at the University of Suffolk, especially if you are interested in the technology sector, as the facilities are very up-to-date and constantly improving."

Nicola Mizon, University of Suffolk Graduate formally Aeria Games now at Spil Games Games Project Manager, Holland. 

"I work at Aeria Games currently as a Games Master. During my degree I learnt key skills such as how to effectively test game products and different game structures. I developed an understanding of key terminology that allows me to communicate to our developers in a way they can understand. The university also exposed me to industry standard software which really gave me an advantage over other candidates. This made the transition from university to the workplace effortless which already has made me stand out."  

Student Successes

Chris Filip, now the International Business Development Fund Manager at the British Film Institute, is part of 2021 MCV/Develop's 30 Under 30. Chris also co-founded Game Anglia, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that provides networking opportunities and game development programmes to independent game developers and young people in the East of England. 

Joseph Kinglake, an Associate Design Director at Sumo Digital, was listed as an honourable mention in the same MCV Develop 30 Under 30 list. 

Katie Millar, now the Production Coordinator at Mooncolony, was listed as an honourable mention for 2022 MCV/Develop's 30 Under 30. Katie oversaw the Video Game Ambassador's (VGA) community, where industry professionals are able to share their knowledge and network with others through Into Game's volunteering system. 

What our graduate employers say: 

"Charlotte has settled into d3t well, making us all respect her awesomeness. Described by one client as "a rockstar", she's got talent, tenacity and learns incredibly quickly. It's always a big learning curve coming to your first job in a games company, but Charlotte has taken all of these challenges and come out the other side with a smile on her face. The skills she learnt at the University of Suffolk were a really good foundation for the tasks and situations she's already faced" Hal Sandbach, Head of Design d3t Ltd. 

“A comprehensive understanding of games design is extremely important in the gaming industry and has a direct impact on the quality and success of our products. We have a number of graduates from the course on our staff and their ideas and skills have helped them to excel and push our business forward.”  Rob Head, Managing Director Sliding Pixel. 

"A number of students and graduates from the BSc (Hons) Games Development course have recently worked with our art and design team in the development of mobile and social games. This course provides a local pool of talented and enthusiastic individuals that we have been fortunate to be able to draw upon." Matt David, Managing Director Devrico. 

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