Community Commitment

Your commitment to keeping our community safe

We are looking forward to welcoming new and returning students and staff for the upcoming academic year. As members of our university community, we all have a responsibility to treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times, none more so than at this time as we gradually reopen the campus, when it will be important that we support one another, behave appropriately and considerately, encouraging everyone to uphold our expected behaviour and standards.

We are committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment which offers educational opportunities to all who may benefit from them.  We will address any negative or discriminatory behaviours demonstrated by any member of our community.

To encourage behaviours that will make our campus as safe as possible, and minimise the impact of the return of students on local and national Covid-19 outbreaks, we ask everyone at the University to commit to the following.

As a member of the University of Suffolk community I will:

  • Read and follow all advice and guidance published by the University about how I can help to keep the campus a COVID-19 secure environment.
  • Keep myself up to date with any changes to guidance by regularly checking university emails, MySuffolk and the University website.
  • Uphold the guidance, demonstrating best practice to others focusing on inclusivity and supporting everyone around me. 
  • Be considerate of others recognising that for some this is an anxious and concerning time which may require times of isolation away from others.  I will look out for others in my communities and support them in accessing any help and guidance they need, alerting an appropriate person (for example, my personal tutor, Course Leader or line manager) to any concerns I have regarding their welfare.
  • Where appropriate and where I feel safe and able to, I will call out and positively challenge others where they are not behaving in accordance with the guidance.  I will raise any concerns in an open, constructive and polite manner.  Where I feel unable to safely challenge, I will raise concerns via as this code outlines.
  • Take any challenges about my own behaviour seriously, responding in an open, positive and respectful manner
  • Abide by the existing university policies and procedures relevant to my role and behaviour within the community.

Escalating concerns

If, after informally addressing concerns, you continue to have a concern about another member of the community then, you should escalate this. Students should speak to their Course Leader in the first instance or contact the Academic Registrar’s Office.

Where the concern is about a member of staff or other community members outside the student body, students should speak to their Course Leader and staff should speak to their line manager. If you are a member of staff with concerns about a student, you should contact their Course leader or the Office of the Academic Registrar who will provide advice and guidance on next steps. Any member of the community who has an urgent concern about their personal safety or the safety of others should contact Security via 01473 338999.