Nitesh - Careers Employability and Enterprise

I am writing to share my experience and feedback on the Micro-Placement Scheme, which I had the opportunity to be a part of. In a nutshell, it was an invaluable experience that allowed me to gain practical skills, expand my knowledge, and enhance my employability.

  • Flexible working hours: - When I decided to join the Micro-Placement Scheme, I was enticed by the flexibility it offered. As a university student, I often faced varying workloads, and having the ability to adjust my hours to accommodate my studies was a significant advantage. The scheme provided me with the flexibility I needed to manage my academic commitments effectively.
  • Real-world work experiences: - During my placement, I was able to delve into real-world work experiences that aligned with my career aspirations. Working behind the scenes with the university's Career and employability team, I had the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills I acquired during my studies to projects.
  • Collaborative Experience: - One project was the Critical analysis of the cost and benefit of services offered by The Student Circus team. Working together with the Career and Employability Team, International students at the University, and the Student Circus team, both on campus and remotely through Microsoft Teams, was a seamless experience. Anna Flatt’s (Employability and Careers Consultant at University) guidance and support made me feel like a valuable member of the team.
  • Time Management Skill: - Through the Micro-Placement Scheme, I had the chance to further develop my organizational and planning skills. Balancing my academic assignments with the responsibilities of the placement taught me valuable time management techniques and helped me become more adept at multitasking. I was also given the opportunity to showcase my findings through presentations, boosting my confidence, presentation skills, and communication abilities.
  • Networking opportunities: - The scheme not only provided me with the chance to earn additional income but also facilitated networking opportunities, allowing me to connect with individuals within and outside the university. These connections may open doors to future opportunities that I might not have had otherwise.
  • Research & Analysis Skills: - My Micro-Placement provided me with the perfect platform to cultivate my research and analysis skills, particularly in the realm of qualitative analysis. Not only did I could expand my own capabilities, but I also actively contributed to the knowledge-sharing dynamic within the team. By exchanging insights, methodologies, and best practices with my colleagues, we collectively deepened our understanding of qualitative analysis, fostering an environment of collaborative growth and learning.


After reflecting on my transformative experience, I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse the Micro-Placement Scheme to my fellow students, as its remarkable blend of flexibility, a welcoming environment, and invaluable opportunities to acquire practical work experience make it an exceptional and fulfilling part-time job that not only enriches one's skill set but also serves as a valuable reference for future endeavours, leaving me profoundly grateful for the invaluable chance to collaborate and learn alongside dedicated professionals at the esteemed University of Suffolk.

Thank you for initiating and supporting this remarkable scheme. I am confident that future participants will find it equally beneficial.