Leroy - Suffolk Sustainability Institute - Digi Tech Centre

The data engineering and data curation Micro-Placement at the smart house during my master's degree in data science and artificial intelligence has been a transformative experience. It provided me with a valuable opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice by working with real-world datasets and facing the complexities of a live environment. This practical application refined my understanding of data engineering and curation techniques, giving me a deeper appreciation for the challenges of working with large-scale data.

The collaborative nature of the smart house project allowed me to work with a diverse team of experts under the guidance of the amazing Hannah Stevenson. This interdisciplinary environment fostered a culture of shared knowledge and learning. Through active participation and cross-functional collaboration, I gained valuable insights into various aspects of data science, enhancing my professional growth and developing a holistic approach to problem-solving.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of the Micro-Placement was the opportunity to tackle real-world challenges, curating data from device suppliers, and equally working with complex datasets. This hands-on experience honed my attention to detail and improved my understanding of data quality. It provided practical skills that are crucial for data engineers in their daily work.

The Micro-Placement also played a significant role in boosting my confidence and building resilience. As I encountered unforeseen challenges and encountered roadblocks, I learned to adapt quickly and demonstrate flexibility in problem-solving. Overcoming these hurdles gave me a newfound belief in my abilities and the resilience to persevere in data-centered projects. This confidence boost has prepared me to take on future endeavours in the field with greater self-assurance.

In conclusion, the data engineering and data curation Micro-Placement at the smart house has been a great and valuable experience that has laid a strong foundation for my future in data science, enabling me to embrace the industry's dynamic nature with enthusiasm and resilience.