Alen - Student Services

I was offered a micro-placement after successfully entering the University of Suffolk Student poster competition. I was asked to design an infographic for the Suffolk Life Mentor Scheme to make sure that the students are aware of their presence and know how to reach them. Having the opportunity to work with the marketing team has allowed me to gain a variety of skills including time management, planning and dealing with the team in charge of advertising. 

I was given full freedom when making the poster which meant I could tailor it to what students want to see. This was an amazing experience where I witnessed first-hand how a design is created and how much planning is put in before public viewing. I was also able to see how the brand's guideline is carefully planned out and all the elements and rules involved in creating a design. 

I now work for Maersk, within two weeks of starting this role I was promoted and given my own area and a team to manage.   

I am also a Graphic Designer for FoodMapsBritain (which I also got through the university). 

How did the careers service at University of Suffolk help you? 

I have been working since I was 16 and in April 2020, I was made redundant by Carphone Warehouse. At this time, I was finishing my final year and this was the first time in my life I did not have a job. During the middle of lockdown it was impossible to get a job, and that is when I reached out to Annabelle for help, ever since that day, Annabelle has been so amazing and wonderful! 
She gave me amazing advice, went through my CV multiple times, help me with my cover letter by suggesting what to change and write. I won a employers posters competition during my final year, and I was given a 30-hr placement at the university which extended to 3 months. At the lowest career point of my life, Annabelle has been so helpful and very supportive. 

How did their advice help your employability? 

After a few rejections, Annabelle’s confidence in me allowed me to keep going and the position at Maersk was found through help from the university. I am very happy to be working for this company. 

How would you recommend the service to a fellow student? 

Initially, I did not use the careers service because I didn’t think I needed it; I was very wrong. We are blessed with an amazing careers team who goes above and beyond to help us. I would strongly advise everyone to contact them as soon as you can so you can get your future started! I have been able to work for the university on numerous occasions and this is all thanks to the Annabelle and the careers team. I am also very grateful that even after my years at uni, I am still offered help and support. I have gained some remarkable experience and have made lifelong contacts.