A law degree opens the door to a broad range of career paths. Law students are among the most employable and adaptable graduates in the world of work. At Suffolk, we combine the finest traditions of legal education with recent innovations and current theory, drawing on a range of perspectives in our teaching, spanning related disciplines within the broader humanities and the social sciences.

Law is constantly evolving and cannot be studied in a vacuum, so studying law at Suffolk extends well beyond the usual focus on basic legal rules and legal institutions. We emphasise the practical application of law to solve problems, and our approach will help you to develop a firm grounding in the contexts in which law and legal institutions function, as well as gaining expertise in the subject of law itself.

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Stephen is a Senior Lecturer in Law and a qualified solicitor. Stephen was enrolled as a solicitor in 2001 having completed his training contract in a high street practice in Ipswich. He then spent a year as an assistant solicitor in the same firm before moving to the Crown Prosecu...

Dimitris Xenos is a law academic and a Fellow of the European Public Law Organisation. He has acted as a legal consultant for various law offices and private and public bodies. His research interests lie in public and private laws, particularly areas of human rights law, substantive...

Bernadetta is a very well-qualified sociologist, cultural anthropologist, research methodologist and educationalist. Bernadetta completed her Doctorate in Sociology at City, University of London (PhD) which was accredited by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Her resea...