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Definitive Course Record (DCR)

About these records

A DCR is a concise description of a course that leads to a University award. For each course it describes:

  • Key facts
  • Course Summary
  • Course Aims
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Course Design and Structure (Modules)
  • Delivery and Assessment
  • Course Costs
  • Academic Framework and Regulations

It contains information that may be useful to:

  • those interested in applying to the course
  • staff teaching or administering the course
  • other stakeholders

Those considering entry in 2018-19 may find this information helpful, but please note that DCRs for 2018-19 will be published once finalised.

Published 2017-18 Records

DCRs are only published for validated courses. If the course you are interested in is marked as 'subject to validation' the DCR will be published once the course has been validated.

DCRs are listed alphabetically by name. 

  • University of Suffolk DCRs are marked - I
  • University of Suffolk at East Coast College (Great Yarmouth) DCRs are marked - E (GY)
  • University of Suffolk at East Coast College (Lowestoft) DCRs are marked - E (L)
  • University of Suffolk at West Suffolk College DCRs are marked - W
  • University of Suffolk at Suffolk New College courses are marked - S