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Living with Cancer and Beyond: Developing Your Expertise in Mental Health and Oncology

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Date: Day 1: Friday 29th September 2023. Day 2: Friday 13th October 2023
Location: Online
Cost: £375


There is now robust evidence to suggest that the psychological therapies have a vital role to play in supporting individuals affected by cancer – both those who have been diagnosed with cancer and those within their support networks.

As the number of cases has grown worldwide, cancer has become recognised as a leading cause of illness and disability. It is also now well-established that living with cancer increases the likelihood of experiencing common mental health problems alongside numerous emotional and psychological challenges associated with adjustment. In this context, those delivering psychological therapies need to know how to adapt their knowledge and skills to meet the diverse and evolving needs of this growing clinical population. 

This course will help you develop your knowledge, skills and confidence in working with this client group and consider how to adapt your service to the evolving needs of individuals clients as they undergo their cancer journeys. In particular, by participating in this course you will be able to:

  • Know when and how psychological therapies can positively impact quality of life during the cancer journey;
  • Understand how to use and adapt your existing knowledge and experience to the needs of this client group;
  • Enhance your understanding of the common challenges and needs faced by individuals with cancer and their support networks;
  • Acquire practical methods, tools and techniques for enhancing your practice in this area.

This interactive, online course will give you the opportunity to update your knowledge, discover and try out some new methods and consider how best to embed your learning within your practice. Background reading and reflective exercises will also be provided to support you in consolidating your learning. In addition to all course materials, the trainer will be available between the workshops to discuss any questions arising from the course, although this informal contact is not intended as a substitute for clinical supervision. 

The course assumes a foundational level of knowledge and skill in the delivery of psychological interventions for individuals with a wide range of emotional and mental health needs. 

This course has been designed for all practitioners involved in delivering psychological and psychotherapeutic services to clients. Whether you are currently experienced in working with clients affected by cancer, new to this area of practice, or simply wanting to learn more for your future professional development, this course will help you refine your practice and broaden your knowledge and skills in this highly rewarding area of professional practice. It will be particularly important for those working the fields of:

  • Counselling and psychotherapy
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Clinical, counselling, health and coaching psychology
  • Nursing
  • Other health care disciplines
  • Certificates of attendance will be issued and the course will also be relevant CPD for a number of professional bodies. 

"A very engaging course with helpful materials, delivered in a well-paced manner and an interactive course with collaboration and role plays. I learned so many transferrable skills and feel I could apply what I have learned in individual practice to those struggling with cancer, their family members and for other illnesses too."

"The training was really interesting and thought provoking, it offered conversations and techniques specifically related to real practice and the work we do as therapists. The interactive sections of the workshop made it both fun and enjoyable as well as offering the opportunity to meet some of the other delegates."

"Sarah is passionate about her work, and this along with her professionalism was clear throughout."

"Thank you for such an informative and useful course. This course has introduced me to a range of different strategies that I can use to help clients impacted by cancer." 

Course Staff

Professor Sarah Corrie

Professor Sarah Corrie is Professor of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Counselling as well as being the joint Head of Counselling, Psychology and Social Work.

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