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The #PsychMapping Foundation Course

Short Course - available in English and Spanish

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Duration: Approximately 18 hours across a maximum of 4 months.
Date: This is an online course which you can enrol for at any time and complete at your own pace.
Location: Ipswich
Cost: £45


#PsychMapping is a theoretical and practical approach to psychological consulting practices. It includes specific professional solutions that make consultations easier and more effective. The theoretical basis is the #KnowledgeMap developed by Alexander T. Latinjak (University of Suffolk) and Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis  (University of Thessaly).

The #KnowledgeMap serves two functions: 

  1. It summarises the important concepts of performance psychology and provides a holistic view of the literature; in an accessible way, so anyone can understand the basics of performance psychology. 

  1. The #KnowledgeMap can be read as a model that brings together a breadth of research topics into a coherent and simple model that explains people and their behaviour. 

The course also focuses on the #PsychMapping exercise. This is where clients, guided by consultants, develop a personalised map, showing key aspects that explain themselves, their behaviour, performance, and well-being.  

Developed by Alexander T. Latinjak in collaboration with Eduard Morelló of Villareal Football Club, this exercise has been tested in various sports and non-sports sectors, including the BT research team.  

In this course, participants will be introduced to the pillars of #PsychMapping, the #KnowledgeMap, and most importantly, the #PsychMapping exercise, which directly impacts their approach to future consulting work. 

The #PsychMapping Foundation Course is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and applied practitioners in all areas of psychology. In addition, people from other fields such as teachers, social workers, sports coaches or executives can also benefit from this course. Likewise, individuals can benefit from this course for their personal life and development, including students, athletes or parents. 

There are no entry requirements for this course.

Visit for more information about the #PsychMapping community and its diverse activities. Note that completing the #PsychMapping Foundation Course is a requirement to become a member of the #PsychMapping community.

Course Staff

Dr Alexander Latinjak

Dr. Alexander T Latinjak joined the University in 2017 as an Associate Professor in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

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