Paramedic Science Student Story

Adam Hounslea

I wanted to study at the University of Suffolk because of the area, close to the water, nice new university, new buildings and Lee (Cunnell, course leader) was just the deal clincher; he was so enthusiastic about the course and I knew he’d push me to where I needed to be. It’s full on, it’s not easy but you get what you put into it.

If you’ve got the passion, I’d say go for it, don’t hold back. I’m 28 now and waited years to do it, finally I’m here and it’s everything I thought it would be. I always thought it was out of my reach, being a paramedic.

I worked as a health care assistant in Jersey and worked in mental health mostly, it helped 100% to have that background.

My placement location is Ipswich but I have been all over. A highlight so far is that I helped to deliver a baby with my mentor Colin. I was there as a support for the lady giving birth in her bathroom, holding her hand, rubbing her back. As the baby came out I took the cord from around its neck. I said to Colin I hope I get to see a baby being delivered. You see it on TV and it’s just not the same as live. It was an amazing experience, one of my best so far. It was right at the end of the first 10 week placement, about a week before so a nice thing to finish on before the summer holidays.

Delivering a baby was great but then you see the other end of the scale, I’ve seen someone who has been hit by a train, I’ve seen someone who has been deceased for long time, children who are unwell. As soon as you’ve been to a bad job there’s control room to check everything is ok, to see if you need a break, stop off for a cup of tea and a debrief with your colleagues. Being with your mentor 12 hours a day you get to know them really well. You build a relationship with everyone on the team and they are all really welcoming

At the University the facilities couldn’t be better, everything is new, so we are working with top of the range kit which helps with your education. You just want to learn everything, doing 10 weeks of classroom room time and 10 weeks of placement you get to recall what you’ve done in class out on the road and put it into practice which is great

I feel really chuffed with myself that I’ve got here, it’s been a long, hard road going back to school after nearly 10 years out from education, going back doing an access course then getting myself to university but when you see yourself in that uniform it makes you feel a whole lot better.

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