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Sonia Brito

Careers and Employability Adviser

Business Engagement and Entrepreneurship


Sonia Brito

Sonia is a Careers and Employability Adviser and has been working at the University since 2017. She has extensive professional experience in specialised recruitment, assessment centres, outplacement and career management projects. 

Since joining the Careers team in 2020, Sonia’s primary role has been to work with apprentices, students, researchers, graduates, alumni to plan their careers, develop their employability skills, make informed career choices and achieve their objectives. 

Sonia feels that becoming an apprentice is an exciting option – you get hands-on training and the chance to put your skills in practice. But it’s also an opportunity to plan your career ahead.  

During lockdown the team moved to a fully online service, so Sonia continually encourages all students to make use of the online career services early on in theirs studies no matter the programme they are attending. 

Sonia would describe her experience of working from home an exercise in patience due to juggling work, family home schooling and studies (she is also attending a Postgraduation in Academic Practice). 

However, Sonia realises how better is suited remote working is for ‘heads-down’ work and has learned new technologies. Sonia also appreciates the increased focus on health and wellbeing by increasing exercise and changing eating habits.