Rob Ramsden

Lecturer in Graphic Design and Illustration

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School of Technology, Business and Arts

Rob Ramsden has worked as a lecturer in various universities since 2009 specialising in illustration, graphic design and animation; and joined the University of Suffolk in 2016, bringing with him a multidisciplined approach to illustration.  

He has worked as a freelance illustrator since 1998, and clients include: Scallywag Press, BBC; Embley School, Walker Books, Tate Publishing, Vodafone, Virgin Media, Sony Creative, Home, Times, Observer, Barclays, Greenpeace; and with design agencies Firebrand Creative, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Tui Media and Synergy Art. 

He graduated from the MA in Children’s Book Illustration (ARU), and since then he has worked on authoring and illustrating children’s picture books in development with Tate Publishing and Walker Books, and from 2019 a book series called ‘Rob Ramsden’s In the Garden’ was published by Scallywag Press: I Saw A Bee (2019), We Found A Seed (2019), We Planted A Pumpkin (2020), and I Heard A Bird (2023), and is currently contracted for further picture books, outside of this series, with Scallywag Press. 

Rob continues to research the history and contemporary practice of illustration, with a special interest in picture book making, with one strand of research accumulating in the curation and design of the exhibition ‘Picture Books For All: The Fine Printing of W S Cowell’ (The Hold, Ipswich, 2022) with co-curators Nigel Ball and Dr Vassiliki Tzomaka. The exhibition charted the history, innovation and significant impact of the printing of illustrated books at the Ipswich print company W S Cowell.  

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Module lead—
Level 5: Applied Ideas in Graphic Design / Graphic Illustration 
Level 5: Graphic Design for Screen Design / Illustration for Screen
Level 6: Personal and Professional Critical Review 

Module contributor— 
Level 6: Graphic Design / Graphic Illustration Portfolio Development 

As a  children’s picture book maker, I research for authorial practice covering the themes, narratives and stylistic approaches inherent in the book project at hand—current themes include nature, empathy, visual representation, play and early years learning. Within this, research often covers historical and contemporary practice in children’s picture books, as well as current trends and markets.  

Currently, I am researching the impact of the Ipswich based printer W. S. Cowell, specifically their innovative approach to working with designers and illustrators in the printing and production of illustrated children’s picture books. This is for a co-curated exhibition with colleague Nigel Ball, which will take place at Suffolk Archives’ The Hold in Oct 2022. 

Past research – 
The Book Form, covering the physical structure of books as a narrative device, with an emphasis of knowledge rooted in children’s picture books. 
Sequential art/comics, specifically history, themes, practitioners and practice. 
The development and practice of Animation, the history and innovation in technology.  
Visual Music, specific to animation and also relating to the graphic and fine arts. 

Ramsden, R. (due 2022) I Heard A Bird. Scallywag Press: London

Ramsden, R. (2020) We Planted A Pumpkin. Scallywag Press: London

Ramsden, R. (2019) We Found A Seed. Scallywag Press: London

Ramsden, R. (2019) I Saw A Bee. Scallywag Press: London

As an expert consultant for the design and narrative sequence of: Wright, L. (2020) Welcome to the Cultural Desert…  FailSpace: Leeds