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Dr Pallawi Sinha

Lecturer in Childhood Studies

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Dr Pallawi Sinha

School of Social Sciences and Humanities


Dr Pallawi Sinha is a Lecturer in Childhood Studies. Pallawi is passionate about building dialogue and understanding on education and childhoods, particularly in indigenous, disadvantaged and marginalised contexts; ‘other’ epistemologies; difference; ecologies of learning; the ethics and politics of research and education; decolonising thinking and practice; and future-making education towards sustainable futures. Her career commenced as a product designer creating public spaces, lighting, ceramics, home and craft products, and precious and fashion jewellery. It shaped Pallawi’s interest in education, which led her to complete her PGCE in 2009 at the University of Essex. This led to her master’s degree in 2012 and doctorate in 2016, at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.