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Nishtha Lamba (ISJC)

Visiting Senior Fellow in Trauma and Marginalised Communities

Research Directorate

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Nishtha Lamba (ISJC)

Institute for Social Justice and Crime


Nishtha Lamba holds a PhD and MPhil in Psychology from University of Cambridge. She is a behavioural scientist specialising in psychological health and social policy informed by both quantitative and qualitative analytical skills. She also holds a BA in Psychology and Sociology from Hunter College, City University of New York. Currently, she is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Founder and Head of Social Psychology Research Lab at Middlesex University Dubai. As the Head of the lab, she collaborates on research administered on under-represented samples and multi-cultural studies.

Her research is at the intersection of studying mental health of marginalised communities and trauma in the context of South Asia. She takes keen interest in gender issues rooted in South Asia. For her PhD, she examined prenatal bonding and psychological health of surrogate mothers in India. As an academic she prioritises engaging with the public and is writing a research based popular book narrating experiences and growth of trauma survivors in India. She has featured on BBC radio, Harvard Crimson, BBC Family Tree, and written research-based articles for Open Magazine, The Hindu, Indian Express, and