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Nigel Ball

Senior Lecturer and Graphic Design Course Leader

Nigel’s graphic design practice grew out of the 'do-it-yourself' culture of the 1980s, producing artwork for bands and activist groups alongside working as a printer and finisher. After completing a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design & Illustration, he worked as a freelance graphic designer dedicating his time to clients from the cultural, public and voluntary sectors. Nigel started teaching in 2003, and has a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education and an MA in Arts Practice.

Nigel joined the Graphic Design programme at the University of Suffolk in 2007 and has been its Course Leader since 2011. He is a member of the School of Art, Design and Humanities Executive Committee, and is the School's Student Experience lead. 

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Ideas Generation in Graphic Design / Graphic Illustration
Contexts in Graphic Design and Illustration
Design and Illustration Analysis
Conceptual Projects
Work Based Learning
Graphic Design / Graphic Illustration Portfolio Development
Personal Graphic Design / Graphic Illustration Projects
Dissertation (contributor)
Critical Review

Research interests

Nigel's research investigates the visual culture of public space and shared environments. He has a keen interest in how visual communication in urban spaces can affect people's psychology and behaviour, and as a result, questions how graphic design as a discipline responds to its societal responsibilities. He explores these contexts through writing, photography and self-publishing. Alongside these interests Nigel maintains the Field Readings blog dedicated to critical writing about graphic design and visual culture, and he has written for the blog of Eye magazine.


Currently revision author for Fundamentals of Graphic Design, (London, Bloomsbury Academic Publishing) Forthcoming 2019.

Field Readings: On Graphic Design and Visual Culture, (2019) Available at:

Ending the War on Wildlife, (2018) Available at:

Creative Collaboration, (London, Creative Review and Dropbox, 2018) Available at: 

Proposing The Graphic Commons, (Ipswich, Field Readings, 2017).

Survival Guide, (2016) Available at:

Gutter Press, (2016) Available at:

Graphic Language, (2015) Available at:

Design For Life, (2015) Available at:

Back When The Future Looked Bright, (2013) Available at:

McJunk, (Ipswich, Dubdog Publishing, 2011).