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Nancy Sims

Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography

Nancy Sims 0

Nancy Sims

Nancy joined the Diagnostic Radiography team in March of 2020.  Initially, she was employed by the university part-time, balancing her role with also working on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic.  While working clinically she particularly enjoyed her time working alongside the Emergency depart the performing CT scans for urgent care and trauma.  She also took pleasure in her more technical duties, being responsible for the quality assurance of all plain film X-ray machines within her hospital. 

Nancy came to Radiography as a second career after initially studying a degree in Human Communication and working within international risk management for a multinational finance company.  Here she developed an enthusiasm for the intelligent use of computerised systems and often did long stints abroad, in countries including Italy, Spain and India.  However, she interrupted this role to become a carer for her terminally ill Mother.  Never regretting this choice, she is now hugely passionate about contributing to enhancing the quality of patient-centred care that diagnostic radiography service users receive.