Dr Maurizio Bertollo (IHWB)

Visiting Professor of Human Performance

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Maurizio Bertollo is Professor of Motor Behavior and Sport Sciences at “G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy and the director of the BIND-Behavioral Imaging and Neural Dynamics Center. He is also visiting professor of Human Performance at the University of Suffolk, UK.

Currently he is serving as President of the European Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC). His research area is about Motor Behavior and Psychology of Sport and Exercise, with emphasis on performance optimization, stress-recovery balance in sport, psychophysiology and neuroscience in sport, biofeedback and neurofeedback in sports, bio-psycho-physiological states underpinning performance, Individual Zone of Optimal functioning (IZOF model) and physical education for health and well-beeing.

He received his bachelor’s degrees in Physical Education and Human Movement Science in Padova and Chieti (Italy) respectively, a master’s degree in Education (Pedagogy) in Padova (Italy), a master’s degree in Psychology in Ljubljana (Slovenja) and a doctoral degree in Sport Sciences in Vila Real (Portugal). He also holds specializations in Psychotherapy, Developmental and Learning Disabilities, and Sport Psychology. Furthermore, he obtained a master’s degree in Technology and Methodology of eLearning, in Verona, Italy. Currently, He is chartered psychologist and psychotherapist within the “Ordine Nazionale Psicologi”.

He worked as scientific consultant, psychologist, and coach for many Italian sports clubs, federations (e.g., Modern Pentathlon, Triathlon, Swimming, Rink Hockey, Soccer, Cycling, Track and Field, and Shooting), and for the Italian and Romanian Olympic committees. He has published over 240 papers including national and international articles in peer-reviewed journals, books, and book chapters.

He is member of the Editorial Board for the following scientific journals and books series: International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology; Frontiers in Psychology: Movement Science and Sport Psychology; Frontiers in Motor Neuroscience; PEERJ; Journal of Sports Sciences; Psychology of Sport and Exercise; The Open Journal of Sports Sciences; Sports; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. He has served as a reviewer for several scientific journals.

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