Marta Blonska

Lecturer in CBT and Counselling

+44 (0)1473 338855
School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Marta is a Lecturer for the MSc in CBT & Counselling and teaches in both Year 1 and Year 2. She is a Module Lead for Personal and Professional Development in Year 1 as well as for Clinical Practice Advanced in Year 2. She is also a clinical supervisor.  

Marta has over 10 years’ experience in education sector, including teaching and leading modules in both FE and HE settings. Her experience includes teaching and supporting students with emotional, behavioural, and social challenges as well as working with international students.

Marta’s academic and professional interests include ways of enhancing self-awareness in CBT trainees and is currently working on developing program in this area. She is also interested in researching the pedagogy of counselling programmes and is currently part of CBT research linked to clinical practice. 

Marta is a private practitioner working with individuals and young people as well as organisations.