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Dr Marco Spada

Senior Lecturer in Architecture

Marco Spada at the University of Suffolk

Dr Marco Spada

School of Engineering, Arts, Science & Technology

T: +44(0)1473 338058


Marco is an architect (PhD, ARB, SFHEA) and urban planner. He earned his PhD in 2016 from Sapienza University of Rome with a thesis on the relationship between memory and design in the rehabilitation of industrial plants. Marco specializes in urban narrative and complex sustainability, having studied at Roma Tre University, the University of Liverpool, and the Gdańsk University of Technology.

He carried out research activities in Rome, Tuscany, Poland, Kenya and the United Kingdom. Specialized in urban narrativity, sustainability and circular economy, he worked in Milan as Project Manager and Design Consultant. Last year, Marco has also obtained a Horizon Grant [] to study the impact of steel mills on local communities. Thanks to this funding, he was able to conduct field research, exploring how the steel industry has influenced the urban development of some cities in the UK and analysing the relationship between industrial plants and the local communities.