Laura Pennie

Deputy Academic Registrar

+44 (0)1473 338434
Registry Services
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Laura is the Deputy Academic Registrar, responsible for the Quality Assurance; Committee and Validation; Partnerships Office; Office for Student Appeals Complaints and Conduct; Assessment; Graduation; and the Student Records teams. These teams provide support for students and staff at University of Suffolk, the University's Partner Colleges and other academic partners, regarding a range of administrative processes, University policy and compliance. All teams have a strong focus on the experience of their stakeholders, putting students at the heart of process and policy.

Laura joined University of Suffolk in 2007, originally working in the Admissions Department and subsequently within the then newly established Infozone as Infozone Manager. She moved to the role of Head of Academic Services in 2014, and subsequently Deputy Academic Registrar.

Laura is an active member of the Association of University Administrators (AUA), and the Academic Registrar's Council (ARC).

Prior to joining the university, Laura graduated from the University of Kent in 2007 with a BA (Hons) in Comparative Literary Studies and Classical and Archaeological Studies and completed an MSc in Higher Education Administration, Management and Leadership in 2021. Her final project focused on the complaint making behaviours of widening participation students in UK Higher Education.