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Laura Higgins

Visiting Senior Fellow in Online Safeguarding

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Laura Higgins

Research Directorate, W.124

Tel: 01473 338330


Laura Higgins is the Director of Community Safety and Digital Civility at Roblox. Roblox’s groundbreaking digital civility initiative is focused on providing the community with the skills needed to create positive online experiences. Civility online is a new concept, but based on existing principles - that everybody has a part to play to make the digital world a nicer place.

Laura brings many years experience, creating online safety and safeguarding programmes, and was a Committee Member of BBC Children in Need. Most recently working with South West Grid for Learning, a partner of the UK Safer Internet Centre, she founded several award-winning services including the Professionals Online Safety Helpline and the world’s first helpline dedicated to supporting victims of image based abuse. She is a Technical Expert for UN Women and spoke at the United Nations in New York on Digital Violence against Women and Girls.

Laura has spoken on online safety topics across the globe and regularly appears in the media. Working with safety partners all over the world, Laura has also worked with the biggest names in tech, sitting on the advisory boards of Twitter, Facebook Women, Snapchat and Roblox. She has been a Senior Visiting Fellow in Online Safeguarding at University of Suffolk since 2017.