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Katie Tyrrell

Research Associate

Katie Tyrrell

T: 01473 338573


Katie joined the University of Suffolk in 2017 after graduating with a MSc in Mental Health Research with distinction from the University of Nottingham. Katie is a member of the Suffolk Institute of Social and Economic Research (SISER). Since joining the University of Suffolk, Katie has worked alongside local, national and international organisations to investigate the impact of interventions, programmes and service delivery upon the welfare and wellbeing of people across the lifespan using both qualitative and quantitative methods. She is currently working on a HEFCE funded initiative to raise awareness of online abuse and improve student safety online.


MSc in Mental Health Research, University of Nottingham, UK (2016)

BSc in Psychology, University of Sheffield, UK (2015)

Research Interests

Katie’s previous research projects focused on the applications of behavioural interventions across different clinical populations within the field of cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging. Katie’s research interests lie within applied psychology, including mental health and cyberpsychology research. She is particularly interested in young people’s wellbeing and their relationship with online environments.

Her recent research broadly covers wellbeing across the lifespan, youth justice, youth unemployment, revenge pornography and online abuse. She is also currently working on projects investigating the impact of physical activity upon wellbeing, and an evaluation of services for people with dementia and their families. Katie has recently completed evaluations of the Suffolk Diversion Programme for youth offenders and training packages provided by the Marie Collins Foundation (MCF) for professionals working alongside children who are victims of online abuse.

Professional Memberships:

Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS)

Journal articles:

Bond, E., & Tyrrell, K. (2018). Understanding revenge pornography: A national survey of police officers and staff in England and Wales. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 1-16. 

James, S., Bell, O. A., Nazli, M. A., Pearce, R. E., Spencer, J., Tyrrell, K., ... & Gurney, K. (2017). Target-distractor synchrony affects performance in a novel motor task for studying action selection. PloS one12(5),

Research reports and other publications:

Tyrrell, K (2018) Youth Engagement: Exploring methods of engagement and feedback on the Ipswich Opportunity Area delivery plan with young people. Ipswich: University of Suffolk. 


Phippen, A. Bond, E & Tyrrell, K (2018) Online Peer on Peer Abuse: A National Survey of Teachers and Safeguarding Leads in England and Scotland. Ipswich: University of Suffolk. 


Tyrrell, K & V, Rawlings (2018) Life Transitions: Well-being and Physical Activity. An evaluation of physical activity interventions in Ipswich and Stowmarket. Ipswich: University of Suffolk. 


Tyrrell, K.; Bond, E. Manning, M and Dogaru, C. (2017) Diversion, Prevention and Youth Justice: a model of integrated decision making: An evaluation of the Suffolk Youth Offending Service Diversion Programme. Ipswich: University of Suffolk. 


Bond, E. and Tyrrell, K. (2017) Findings from the online survey with professionals in Bedfordshire for MCF. Ipswich: University of Suffolk.

Tyrrell, K. and Bond, E. (2017) Well-being and online vulnerability for children aged 10-13 in Suffolk. Findings from three years of Suffolk Cybersurvey 2014-2016. Extension work for Better Policing Collaboration contract (ID: 2013-050) in support of the development of a multi-agency e-safety crime prevention (MESCP) initiative in Suffolk. Ipswich: University of Suffolk.

Cardoso, D., Tyrrell, K., Mancias Guerra, C., & Rikhraj, S. (2017). Chlorpromazine versus lithium for people with schizophrenia. The Cochrane Library

Published Abstracts and Conference Presentations:

Tyrrell, K & V, Rawlings (2018) 'Young people and Digital Wellbeing: Findings from a study with young people engaging in the National Citizen Service (NCS)' at A Childs World Conference 2018: New Shoes, New Directions, Aberystwyth, Wales. 

Tyrrell, K. (2017) 'Youth unemployment: Addressing real needs through social enterprise' at Looking for New Horizons: The Circular Economy, ICESBA, Bucharest, Romania.