Karen Giltjes

Academic Administrator (School of Health and Sports Sciences)

School of Allied Health Sciences
Karen Giltjes 2

Karen joined the University of Suffolk in 2014 on a 12-week internship with the Admissions/Infozone teams after graduating at the University. Karen then took up a temporary position with Learning Services, which led onto a full-time permanent position as a Faculty Liaison Assistant. During this time, Karen worked with the Infozone team for 9 months on a secondment in 2018. Karen relocated to join the Academic Administration team in May 2021 and is currently the Academic Administrator for all the undergraduate and Postgraduate Radiography courses.

Prior to joining the University, Karen worked in Insurance services and Childcare providers for many years in a variety of roles. Karen graduated from University Campus Suffolk in 2014 with a BSc (Hons) in Health & Wellbeing.