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Jennifer Coe

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Alumni

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Jennifer Coe

I always knew I wanted a career in Psychology, but could never decide between academia or clinical, so when a University so close to home provided the opportunities to explore Psychology and the careers I could do, I was thrilled. I completed my Undergraduate BSc in Psychology and Criminology in 2013, a course I thoroughly enjoyed which included both theoretical and practical elements, including the use of the Psychology Labs for my third year research project. The course and the lecturers who taught me and supported me during the course further sparked my love for Psychology and made me finally decide that I wanted to be a Psychology Lecturer. As a result I went on to complete an MSc in Psychology at the University of Essex.

Upon completion of my MSc in 2014, I was ecstatic to be offered the job as Psychology Technician here at the University of Suffolk. This role allows me to combine my love for Psychology with my skills in research, supporting other students through their journeys. This role provided me the opportunity to engage in academic related activity providing me with valuable experience in teaching, marking, how the processes in HE works and research. In 2015, the University accepted my application to start my PhD in Psychology. This meant that I was on the home stretch of gaining the qualifications I needed to become a Psychology Lecturer. I am now one of the University of Suffolk’s PGR Course Reps, as well as being an intern for UEA and UoS on a project called COURAGE which aims to improve PGR culture community and wellbeing. The University has also supported me in gaining my PGCAP qualification leading me to be a fellow of the higher education academy and during this lead me to my first publication:  Coe, J. (2018). Psychology staff perspectives on students’ engagement at University of Suffolk. Guide to Undertaking Action Research, Action Research: Sector Case Studies, Higher Education Academy, 14-19.

The University of Suffolk is much more, for me, than just an undergraduate or postgraduate place of study. It provided me with support and guidance to help me decide what I want to do, as well as giving me the opportunities and support to be able to go ahead and do it. It is a place to learn, a place to share, a place to study and a place to work. I feel very privileged  to be a part of both the staff and the student side of the University of Suffolk and am very excited to see the future direction our of institution.