Jeffrey DeMarco (ISJC)

Visiting Senior Fellow in Forensic Psychology

Research Directorate

Jeffrey DeMarco (PhD in Psychology and Criminology) is a Senior Fellow for the Centre of Abuse and Trauma Studies (CATS), Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Middlesex University and the Assistant Director of Knowledge and Insight at Victim Support. His research focuses on behavioural understandings of radicalisation and terrorism, online harms, youth crime, hate crime and hate speech, extremism and child sexual abuse and exploitation. The majority of his work explores the intersection between psychology and the online space, including work for the European Commission in enhancing the policing of online sexual abuse; investigating youth justice systems responses to digital risks for UNICEF across the MENA region and eastern Africa; improving partnership between local communities and military in conflict zones using social media, including Iraq and Afghanistan; and assessing the psychopathology of adolescent victims/offenders of many forms of cybercrime.