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Dr Jane Black

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology


Dr Jane Black


T: 01473 338014

Dr Jane Black is a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology, in the School of Health and Sports Sciences. Jane is also a co-course leader for the Sport and Exercise Science degree, and Chair of the School’s Ethics Committee.  

Jane joined the University of Suffolk in 2017, having previously lectured in exercise physiology and research methods at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Jane’s PhD investigated the acute responses and chronic adaptations of the cardiovascular system to resistance exercise. Specifically, the research focused on mechanical behaviour of the arterial wall, during and immediately following a resistance exercise stimulus. Jane continues to research in the field of cardiovascular physiology and exercise, with particular interest in the role that exercise can play in promoting cardiovascular health.

Jane is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, having successfully completed a postgraduate certificate in teaching in higher education, and carried out teaching-based interventions on the use of technology to enhance understanding of the assessment criteria, and the efficacy of peer feedback for formative assessment.

Selected Publications

Black, JM., Stӧhr, E., Stone, K., Pugh, CJ., Stembridge, M., Shave, R., & Esformes, JI. (2016). The Effect of an Acute Bout of Resistance Exercise on Carotid Artery Strain and Strain Rate. Physiological Reports, 4 (17), e12959. doi: 10.14814/phy2.12959.

Black, JM., Stӧhr, E., Shave, R., & Esformes, JI. (2016). Carotid Artery Wall Mechanics During Lower Body Resistance Exercise in Strength Trained and Untrained Men. Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise, 48 (5S), 802.

Black, JM., Stӧhr, E., Shave, R., & Esformes, JI. (2016). Influence of exercise training mode on arterial diameter: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 19 (1), 74-80. doi:10.1016/j.jsams.2014.12.007.

Black, JM., Stone, K., Stembridge, M., Newcombe, D., Assasie, E., Stӧhr, E., & Esformes. J. (2014). Functional changes in the Carotid artery associated with an acute bout of resistance exercise. Artery Research, 8(4): 137.