Ioana Crivatu

PhD Student

Research Directorate

Ioana Crivatu has a background in psychology, an MSc in Forensic Psychology and an MA in Behavioural Analysis and Criminal Profiling. She has worked on various projects researching suicide, pornography, and sexual violence. She is currently involved with the Institute of Social Justice and Crime working on Operation Soteria Bluestone as a Postgraduate Research Assistant for Bournemouth University and a partner staff for the University of Suffolk. Ioana is currently a full time PhD student at the University of Suffolk, investigating multiple perpetrator rape (i.e., sexual offending involving at least two people). The project focuses specifically on the individuals within the group who do not sexually participate alongside other(s) but are nonetheless present or involved in other capacities. Drawing on psychological and criminological theories and utilising a mixed-methods design, the research aims to uncover the individual(s)’ actions, decision-making process and the factors contributing to them.

Ioana’s primary research interests include violence against women and girls and sexual offending.