Gerry Rayman (IHWB)

Visiting Professor of Diabetes Medicine

Research Directorate

Visiting Professor of Diabetes Medicine 

Professor Gerry Rayman is a Consultant Diabetologist at the Diabetes Centre, Ipswich Hospitals NHS Trust, Hon. Professor at the University of East Anglia and Visiting Professor at the University of Suffolk.  

As NHS Diabetes’ clinical lead for inpatient diabetes he innovated and led the National Diabetes Inpatient Audit (NaDIA) which over the last 10 years has resulted in continuous improvements in inpatient diabetes care in England and Wales.

He is DiabetesUK’s Clinical lead for inpatient care and Chair of DiabetesUK’s Diabetes Research Study Group for Acute Care. At Ipswich hospital he initiated the DICE (Diabetes Inpatient Care and Education) project which significantly improved inpatient diabetes care; recognised by a National Quality in Care Award. On behalf of DiabetesUK he co-authored ‘Making Hospitals Safe for People with Diabetes’ and he is currently working with the Royal College of Physicians to develop an accreditation process for inpatient diabetes services. 

He has made a significant contribution to reducing the burden of diabetic foot disease. He has been Clinical lead for the DiabetesUK ‘Putting feet first’ campaign to reduce amputations in the UK and NHS Diabetes’ Clinical lead with a remit to reduce hospital acquired foot lesions. He innovated the Ipswich Touch the Toes Test, a simple way identify those at risk of amputation which is in use worldwide.

He chaired the original JBDS perioperative guidance writing group, contributed to NCEPOD’s ‘Highs and Lows’ report on perioperative care and to the Centre for Perioperative Care’s guidance on perioperative care. Through this work he innovated a novel perioperative pathway for people with diabetes undergoing elective surgery which has received national recognition is being rolled out in many UK hospitals.

He is NHS England’s Diabetes Co-lead of the ‘Getting it Right First Time’ initiative for which diabetic foot disease, inpatient diabetes care and the care for people with type 1 diabetes are priorities.

He is the Clinical Director for the East of England Diabetes Network.

He brought together national leads in diabetes care from all the four UK nations to form the UK National Inpatient Diabetes COVID 19 Response Group which produced a number of award winning Diabetes/COVID guidance documents that have been welcomed both within and outside of the UK.

Professor Rayman has published over 180 peer reviewed articles. His specific research area is in diabetic foot disease, neuropathy and new technologies in diabetes care. He innovated the Laser Doppler Maximum Blood Flow test and the Laser Doppler Imager Flare Test to determine microvascular and small nerve fibre functions in the foot respectively. He has been involved in insulin pen development, continuous glucose monitoring as well as hybrid closed loop systems particularly during pregnancy.